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 Roy Speede

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PostSubject: Roy Speede   Roy Speede Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 11:50 am

[b]Leaving[/b[... It's just not working out, been waiting 24 hours to see some activity or something...

★Wrestler Name★
Roy Speede (pronounced Roy Speed)
★Wrestler Nickname★
The Rocket
Raleigh, North Carolina
★Height & Weight★
6' 1/2 " 203 lbs
★Specialty Match★
ladder match
★Special Weapon★
None / Ladder (in Ladder Match, of course)
★Picture Base★
Roy Speede AJ-Styles-psd35233 ((Yeah, since I don't have an image from my 360, AJ Styles is the most accurate image of what Roy Speede looks like; Roy Speede is a CAW I made on Xbox a while back, with wrestling pants similar to those of Styles, except looser, and white with black emblems, and a haircut similar to Rob Terry's, but with grey-ish white hair))
★Entrance Music★

★Signature Moves (10-30)★
Modified Running Neckbreaker
Modified Springboard Leg Lariat
Swanton Bomb
Striking Spear
Modified Double Underhook Chin Lock
Arm Drag Hip Toss (Hip Toss executed by dragging the opponent's left arm across the body and using the left hand to flip the opponent at the shoulder)
One-Legged Missile Dropkick (Similar to a kind of diving kick RVD does, but ends up in a dropkick style because Speede does hit the mat)
Fireman's Carry Facebuster (Lands in an Edgecution style)
Fireman's Carry Cutter (Lands in a style similar to a Twist of Fate, but with the opponent still falling when the Twist of Fate finish is applied)
Modified Body Scissor Sleeper Hold
Body Scissor Chin Lock
Muscle Buster
★Out of Nowhere Move★
Spinning Springboard Roundhouse Kick (See John Morrison's move)
Speede Suplex (See Canadian Destroyer; See Styles Clash)
Spinning Fisherman Suplex (Below)

*The Roy Speede character uses moves that are rather close to the opposite of most wrestlers due to being left-handed.

★OOC Info★
How did you find WWE Nation? Yahoo! Answers
How long have you been in E-feds? My first one Smile Done other kinds of online RPG's before.
Do you agree to stay an active member and if not atleast give us a heads up when your leaving? I'll be active of course Very Happy


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Roy Speede
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