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 John Cena

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John Cena

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PostSubject: John Cena   John Cena Icon_minitimeTue Jan 25, 2011 4:15 pm

★Wrestler Name★
John Cena
★Wrestler Nickname★
"The Doctor of Thuganomics"
"The Champ" (as either the WWE Champion or the World Heavyweight Champion)
"The Chain Gang Commander"
"The Chain Gang Soldier"

West Newbury, Massachusetts
★Height & Weight★
6 ft 1 in & 240 lb
★Specialty Match★
★Special Weapon★
★Picture Base★
John Cena John-cena-cenation-t-shirt-wwe-purple-e6563
★Entrance Music★

★Signature Moves (10-30)★
- Diving leg drop bulldog
- Dropkick, sometimes from the top rope
- Fisherman suplex
- Five Knuckle Shuffle
- Running leaping shoulder block
- Running one–handed bulldog
- Sitout hip toss
- Spinebuster
- Thesz press followed by multiple punches
- Throwback (Running neck snap to a bent–over opponent)
- Twisting belly to belly suplex
- Vertical suplex

★Out of Nowhere Move★
Attitude Adjustment (AA)

★OOC Info★
How did you find WWE Nation? Chris Harts Top 100 Wrestling E-feds
How long have you been in E-feds? Six years
Do you agree to stay an active member and if not atleast give us a heads up when your leaving? Yes

(Sign Name Here)

John Cena

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CM Punk
CM Punk

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PostSubject: Re: John Cena   John Cena Icon_minitimeWed Jan 26, 2011 6:39 am

Accepted, Lol nice profile

John Cena CM_Punk_by_All4_Xander

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John Cena
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